Hemp Cosmetics

Our hemp cosmetics are truly unique because only hemp oil contains the full complement of all 8 essential fatty acids and in the exact ratio the body needs to absorb them efficiently leaving no residue.  Containing a high percentage of nourishing, super-moisturising hemp-seed oil ensures our hemp cosmetics out-perform even the most expensive beauty creams and hair conditioning masques. 
Hemp cosmetics such as face and body lotions also soothe skin with their natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties - reducing redness and healing dry or infected skin.  Frequent use of hemp cosmetics is an excellent way to protect against further infection and significantly reduce the symptoms of eczema, acne or psoriasis.

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Dark Waters Beard Oil

Dark Waters Beard Oil – HEMP (50ml)
R 290.00

Dark Waters Shave Oil

Dark Waters Shave Oil – HEMP (50ml)
R 290.00

Hemp Alchemist Deluxe Body Cream

Deluxe Hemp Body Cream
From R 145.00

Hemp Almond oil soap

Almond Oil and Hemp Seed Oil hand made soap
From R 22.50

Hemp Aluminium free deodorant

Aluminium free deodarant
From R 35.00

Hemp Conditioner

Bio-degradable hemp conditioner is made from only the finest natural ingredients.
From R 50.00

Hemp Earthly Body Bath & Shower Gel

Earthly Body Bath & Shower Gel
From R 70.00

Hemp Earthly Body Hair Treatment

Earthly Body Hair Treatment
From R 130.00

Hemp Earthly Body Hemp Massage Oil

Earthly Body Hemp Massage Oil
From R 105.00

Hemp Earthly Body Hemp Seed Hand & Body Lotion

Earthly Body Hemp Seed Hand & Body Lotion
From R 80.00

Hemp Earthly Body Love Conditioner

Earthly Body Love Conditioner
From R 105.00

Hemp Earthly Body Shaving Cream

Earthly Body Shaving Cream
From R 80.00

Hemp Earthly Body Waterslide

Earthly Body Hemp Waterslide Personal Moisturizer
From R 95.00

Hemp Facial Care Range for Sensitive Skin

Hemp facial care range for sensitive skin.
R 300.00

Hemp Facial Oil

Facial moisturising and anti-oxidant oil
From R 110.00

Hemp Facial Scrub

face scrub
From R 60.00