Promo Clothing

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Promotional Hemp Woven Shirt

A Promotional Hemp shirt, Ladies and mens, All Sizes
R 215.00

Promotional Hemp T-shirt

Promotional Hemp T-shirt, Mens and Ladies, All Sizes
R 195.00

Hemp Promo Military Cap

55% hemp, 45% cotton military peak cap with adjustable back and stash pocket.
R 65.00

Ladies Promo Hemp Cross-Over Sweatshirt

A ladies sweatshirt with hood and pockets.
R 485.00

Unisex Hemp Hooded Sweatshirt

Unisex Hemp Hooded Sweatshirt
R 700.00

Hemp Unisex T-shirt

A unisex hemp crew neck t-shirt.
R 295.00

Hemp Fleece Sweatshirt

Hemp Fleece Sweatshirt
R 855.00