Hemp Consultation / Hour

Hemp Consultation / Hour

1 Hour of Consultation.

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Hemporium has invested significant funds and time in gaining experience and knowledge in the industrial cannabis/hemp industry. Lately we are getting increasingly approached for advice from people who want to launch companies or apply for licenses. While we would love to meet everyone who asks, we just cannot, as it takes our time and money to host these meetings too.

We will be charging a consultancy fee for Tony’s time that is 100% refundable if we do any business together.

The areas that we can advise on are hemp technologies including textiles, nutrition, cosmetics, construction, cultivation, cannabidiol, processing, sourcing, business plans, license applications and more.

The fee is to cover our costs, and as an indication that you value our experience and knowledge enough to invest something to share in it.

For larger projects such as business plans an international presentations, we can negotiate on a fee before work commences.

We will halve the fee for students. If you are a student, please get in touch for more info on the discount.

Thank you.

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