<!--08-->Elixinol Hemp CBD Oil 300 Cinnamint

Elixinol Hemp CBD Oil 300 Cinnamint


300mg CBD


Contains 0% THC 

Cinnamint flavour

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural component of the hemp plant which has been shown to be beneficial for healthy living. These products contain no THC.

Any information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.
We make absolutely no claims that this tincture alone is a cure for cancer or any other ailment.

Please do your research on the potential of CBD to see if it could be of benefit to you before purchasing this product.
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For more information on Cannabinoid medicine please watch this informative documentary on Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, the “godfather of modern cannabis medicine”.

Read an independant third party review of Elixinol products: https://cbdoilreview.org/elixinol-review/
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    After 6 months of bladder pain I had an op to resolve the problem. It was very painful and rather than take pain killers all the time I decided to take hemp CBD oil and what amazing results. I can sleep at night. The pain has settled and I feel better each day! Thank you Hemporium for a great product I can only image all the other benefits

    I bought this for my sister who suffers from agoraphobia, anxiety and depression and who was put on lithium by her psychiatrist. One of the worst of the many side effects of her medication was a tremor so bad that she could not even drink a cup of tea without spilling and could no longer write. After taking the 300mg CBD oil for only 2 weeks, she showed such a remarkable improvement that she started reducing her medication and a month later stopped taking it altogether. She is no longer anxious or depressed, has a new lease on life and her tremor is under control. She takes half a dose of CBD oil in the morning and half a dose at night and has also stopped using the sleeping pills she was subscribed. Her husband telephoned me the other day to thank me, as he said she is no longer afraid to go out of the house and into town on her own and he often has to call her on her mobile now, just to see where she is, because she is out and about all day. Thanks for all your advice Tony Budden and for the excellent service I received when I ordered online.

    My mother suffers with emphysema. She is in the last stage. She was booked into hospital in a critical condition. To put it short, I have been giving her this oil and only after 3 days, the results are miraculous! Thank you!!!
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