Hemp Greige Fabric

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Hemp Greige Fabric


55% hemp/ 45% cotton natural coloured Hemp Greige fabric is untreated and is not suitable for dying, but prints well.

Used mainly for Shoppers, bags and other accessories.
Not prepared for dying but printing only

Fabric specifications:
Weight: 176g 
Width: 63"/1.5m

Hemp is good for the environment as it reduces the need for pesticides, herbicides, fertiliser, water, energy and land when compared with other fibres.        
As a fibre it is hollow, strong and durable. It also has anti-bacterial properties and is breathable.       
Even though we currently have to import hemp fabric, it is still better than using conventional cotton or synthetic fabrics as the fuel used to transport it has less impact than all the         
agro-chemicals that were saved would have had on the planet. Even if these savings are made in China for now, on a global level this benefits all of us.        
In addition to this it stimulates eco-businesses, creates awareness, and helps to build the demand for local hemp production which is the ultimate goal.       
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    The Hemp Greige is such a pleasant fabric to work with. It retains marking pencil very well, and zooms through a sewing machine with ease. It holds it's shape well and irons easy on high heat.
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