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Innovate – Educate – Cultivate

“Industrial hemp is to marijuana as human beings are to apes – same species but incredibly different varieties!’’

Here at the Hemporium, we are dedicated to providing eco-friendly solutions to the global need for sustainable materials.  Through our online hemp shop, we offer high quality, innovative products to raise awareness of the incredible versatility of industrial hemp. Or call in at our hemp shop in Cape Town, South Africa anytime you are in the area!

Hemp Best Sellers

Soft and comfortable hemp clothing

Help heal the world by browsing our hemp shop for fashionable hemp clothing and accessories.  Hemp fabric is wonderfully soft and comfortable and hemp clothing is also incredibly durable and lasts for years while retaining its original good looks.  
Anti-microbial and mould-resistant
Or buy attractive hemp fabric from the wide variety of blends and weights in stock in our hemp shop. Hemp clothing keeps you pleasantly cool in high temperatures and warm and cosy when the temperature drops.  Naturally anti-microbial and mould-resistant it is the perfect choice for clothing and hemp home-ware textiles like our attractive eco-friendly duvet covers.

Hemp nutrition

Hemp seeds are an incredibly healthy source of protein and nutritious oils. Packed with all 8 of the Omega/essential fatty acids the body needs – you can keep your diet healthy from this one handy source!  Hemp oil is a medically recognised treatment for conditions including diabetes II, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and arthritis.

Hemp Cosmetics  

Furthermore, hemp oil reduces the inflammation caused by eczema, psoriasis and acne, so it is super for healing and moisturising dry skin.  Our hemp shop shelves also carry a wonderful selection of all-natural hemp cosmetics with rose-hips, rosemary and hemp oil including soaps, lotions, deodorants and shampoo.  They are a great way to always look and feel at your best!

Every time you buy from a hemp shop you are supporting industrial hemp as a sustainable crop that will bring enormous ecological benefits to our planet. We hope you enjoy browsing our hemp shop and please call again soon!

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