Hemp Oil

Delicious hemp oil provides the perfect balance of all eight essential amino acids (EFA’s).  Hemp oil has a pleasant nutty flavour and is also a good source of albumin protein and edistin making it the gold standard of healthy vegetable oils.  Rich in iron and magnesium, hemp protein is the king of super-foods and the simple way to include vitamin E, carotene, phytosterols, anti-oxidants and Omega 3 and Omega 6 in your diet as doctors recommend.
Hemp oil is better for your health than flax oil, as it also contains Super-Omega 3 (SDA) and Super-Omega 6 (GLA).  These special amino acids help our bodies metabolize fat and provide an effective, natural way to reduce high levels of triglycerides (blood fats) and bad cholesterol.  Unlike flax seed oil, which causes deficiencies in certain essential oils when taken continuously, hemp oil can be taken continuously without causing the slightest imbalance owing to its unique composition as a complete-food.

Cold-pressed from organically-grown hemp seeds, hemp oil has been formally recognised by medical science as a powerful anti-inflammatory.  Taken as a dietary supplement, this naturally healing oil reduces cholesterol, stress, high blood pressure and improves the symptoms of diabetes II, cardiovascular disease and rheumatoid/osteo-arthritis.  Hemp oil replenishes the missing lubricants of arthritic joints to decrease pain and increase mobility significantly.  Applied to the skin, hemp oil reduces inflammation and acts as an effective emollient to soothe and heal the painful, itchy, dry skin associated with eczema, psoriasis and acne.

Hemp oil is not connected to dagga/marijuana in any way and does not contain any mood-changing substances whatsoever.  It is easy to take from a spoon or in your daily diet mixed with cereals, fruit juice, salad dressing, soups, stews and yoghourts and could be just what you need to improve your health and let you enjoy life to the full!

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