Hemp protein powder is made from nutritious hemp seeds and contains pure, digestible protein, with the perfect balance of all eight essential amino acids (EFA’s).  Hemp nutrition in the form of protein powder is not only delicious, with a pleasant nutty flavour, but also contains edistin and albumin protein making it the gold standard of vegetable protein.  Rich in vitamin E, iron and magnesium, hemp nutrition from protein and hemp oil is the simple way to include Omega 3 and Omega 6 in your diet as doctors recommend.
Unlike flax, hemp also contains Super-Omega 3 (SDA) and Super-Omega 6 (GLA), which help our bodies metabolize fat to reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides (blood fats) naturally. Hemp nutrition taken as protein powder or oil is easy to include in your daily diet mixed in with cereals, eggs, fruit juice, salad dressing, soups or stews and can be used as a flour substitute up to a quantity of 20% in baking.

A second excellent source of hemp nutrition is hemp oil, which contains the same rich nourishment as hemp protein powder and is recognised by medical science as a powerful anti-inflammatory.  Taken internally this naturally healing oil reduces cholesterol, high blood pressure and the symptoms of diabetes II, cardiovascular disease and rheumatoid/osteo-arthritis.  The essential hemp nutrition obtained from this amazing oil can reduce the pain and stiffness of arthritic joints and significantly increase mobility.

This amazing plant has been used as a source of hemp nutrition for thousands of years and was one of the first plants that early farmers cultivated owing to its great value as a source of food and strong fibre.  Supporting the hemp industry is an important way to create a strong demand for this eco-friendly crop that is packed with easy-to-digest hemp nutrition and medicinal properties!
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