Hemp fabric fibre is so easy to grow, so soft and attractive and so loaded with excellent natural properties that it seems almost custom-designed to provide our planet with an incredibly versatile, sustainable material.
Hemp fabric provides all the softness of a natural textile but with a strength that is an amazing 7 times higher than cotton – making it uniquely hard-wearing and long-lasting. 100% hemp fabric has an attractive natural finish and can also be mixed with cotton or silk to produce a wide variety of different weights and types of fabric.
Hemp fabric is extremely versatile and can be used for everything from clothing, curtains, indoor and outdoor furniture covers, duvet covers and all types of upholstery and home furnishings. Here are some of the practical qualities that hemp fabric offers for our comfort: 

Hemp fabric is strong and hard-wearing
Holds its shape extremely well – so garments and upholstery maintain their good looks
Keeps wearer cool and dry in hot temperatures and warm in winter
Hemp fabric is an excellent insulator
Breathability that allows the free movement of air and moisture through the fibres
Naturally anti-bacterial and resistant to mildew and mould in high humidity
Hypo-allergenic making it an excellent choice for asthma sufferers
Resists damage from strong sunshine and protects the skin from UV light
Excellent for dyeing and printing (except some silk/hemp blends)
Hemp fabric has a higher colour retention ability than cotton

Eco-friendly hemp produces more fibre yield per acre than any other plant - 250% more than cotton and 600% more than flax - freeing up land needed for food crops.  It adds organic matter to the topsoil and actually improves the soil quality making it a 100% sustainable material.
Industrial hemp has the potential to address many of the world’s social and environmental problems.  Support hemp to regenerate our beautiful planet!

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