Hemp Clothing for Men & Women

Industrial hemp is the superstar of natural fibres and if you enjoy the smooth feel of soft fabric against your skin, you will love the comfort and style of hemp clothing.  Eco-friendly hemp clothing is set to become the next big thing in the fashion industry and many experts believe it will eventually supersede cotton, linen and polyester completely. 
This is inevitable owing to the many unique qualities that hemp clothing provides - and on a grander scale - industrial hemp is by far the most eco-friendly, sustainable fibre-producing plant on the planet!

Due to the challenges of selling clothing online, we will be adding clothing styles as we progress. Please check back often for additional styles, and register so that we can keep you updated.

When you buy hemp clothing, you not only support the vitally important hemp industry but also get attractive and fashionable clothes that will last for many years.  Hemp fabric is an amazing 700% stronger than cotton and the more you wear it, the softer it becomes.  In addition, hemp clothing never bags, sags or loses its shape and stays looking good through many wash and wear cycles.

Hemp clothing is very absorbent allowing air and moisture to pass through the fibres, so it wicks perspiration away from your skin, keeping you cool and dry in even the hottest temperatures.  In addition, hemp clothing is naturally anti-microbial and mould-resistant – keeping you fresh and sweet-smelling in the heat of summer.  Furthermore, hemp clothing has natural insulating properties, so when the temperature drops you will be lovely and warm.  

Hemp blends well with other fibres to combine the best features of both materials. The gentle elasticity of cotton or the smooth texture of silk combined with the natural strength of hemp has created a new range of fabrics that young designers are eager to showcase.

Our high-quality hemp clothing is manufactured locally in Cape Town from hemp fabric imported from Europe, Canada and China.  However, our long-term aim is to begin cultivating industrial hemp in South Africa and to spread the word about the magnificent environmental benefits that industrial hemp has to offer our wonderful planet!
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